Grandma’s Wisdom Redux

“If it was a funeral, you’d go.”

Last week I shared this plain-spoken wisdom of my Grandma Minnie, who always encouraged us to make the effort to attend celebrations. I wrote about how I’d been to many funerals and houses of mourning lately, but I didn’t reveal the other reason I’ve been remembering this life lesson I learned from my grandma.

A long-time friend from college and his partner of 25 years will be celebrating their anniversary in June. I was beyond honored to be invited to serve as an officiant at what they’ve cleverly dubbed a “wedniversary.” While marking 25 years of love, commitment and devotion to one another, they are also going to make it legal, which same-sex marriage is in their home state.

love cant wait cover pic

There were a few logistical hurdles to my attendance, all easily surmounted thanks to Grandma Minnie. Last week, I booked my flights. This week, I learned that our entire circle of close-knit friends from college will be there to celebrate together, some with spouses and children.

Grandma Minnie died a few months before my spouse and I were married, shortly after our engagement party and tenaim ceremony, nearly 24 years ago. She probably never imagined her wisdom about being present at happy occasions would continue to guide me for the rest of my life. She probably never imagined my application of her life-lesson to a wedniversary.

I think she would agree: Love can’t wait.








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