Your Skin: Wear it in Good Health

Brighton Beach…Long Branch…Point Pleasant…the places where I spent my youth. We didn’t know about SPF then.  We rolled over every 30 minutes to get an even tan.  Now you can draw a map of these shorelines by connecting the freckles that cover my arms and—though I can’t see them from this angle—my shoulders and back.

The dermatologist just called.  She repeated the word “benign” several times and reassured me that “weird” is a commonly-used classification of skin cells among medical professionals.  She routinely removes these moles to be sure that they never come back as malignant. 

She is smart and thorough, and I trust her thoroughly.  I have no doubts about her diagnosis.  I have only one question for her: “Have you seen this video called Dear-16-year-old Me?” She tells me that she hasn’t seen it yet, so I recommend that she watch it and share it with her patients. Hanging up the phone, I resolve to post the video to my blog—after I reapply my sunscreen.


This summer, be sure to wear your skin in good health.  Apply sunscreen liberally, wear a hat and please share this link with the people you love.  Raising awareness is critical, and early detection is the key to a good prognosis.


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