Who Knew?

sojourn tweetYesterday, I received this email that I was mentioned in a tweet. Robbie Medwed, Assistant Director at SOJOURN had invited me to write for their blog, challenging me to put my personal feelings into words. Who knew it would take me more than 750 words?!

In his tweet, Robbie gives me more credit than I feel I deserve. When it comes to work that improves the world, he does the heavy lifting and I mostly offer verbal support. I strive to be faithful to the mission of tikkun olam, repairing the world. I am ever grateful for the ability to engage with people whose work benefits so many.

Tomorrow, as Yom Kippur begins, I will contemplate the ways in which I fell short of my goals and atone for missed opportunities and broken promises. I will commit to be better next year.

Then, next week, during the festival of Sukkot—the season of our joy— I’ll celebrate with SOJOURN at the 44th annual Atlanta Pride Parade.

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Proud Parent, Proud Rabbi, Proud Person: There’s a good reason why I’m not marching with my daughter in Atlanta’s Pride Parade this year: I’ll be with my SOJOURN friends and she’ll be with her high school’s GSA. Neither of us will be purposely avoiding the other. It’s just that we each feel more comfortable…Read more


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