Where am I this week?

rwb_logo196I’m at the Rabbis Without Borders blog on MyJewishLearning this week. Please join me there to share your thoughts on prayer, spirituality, Doctor Who—whatever moves you—and to read words of wisdom posted by my RWB colleagues. Thanks!

Taking the TARDIS to God: For those not immersed in the British television phenomenon that is Doctor Who, TARDIS (an acronym for Time and Relative Dimension in Space) is the Doctor’s mode of transportation. Because I am not a Whovian, I asked my daughter about it and…Read more →

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Here are some of my latest mixed-media pieces:

tardis 4tardis 3tardis 2

Title: Tefilah TARDIS, inscribed with verse from poetry of Yehudah HaLevi

(Lucite box, chalkboard paint, paint, paper, glue, found objects)

peace tardis 2peace tardis

Title: Peace Prayer TARDIS, inscribed with phrase from morning liturgy

(Lucite box, chalkboard paint, paint, paper, oil pastels, glue, polymer clay, found object)


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