Tweeting with the Birdies on Jaybird Street


Two years ago I wrote more than 300 words about why I would not tweet.  I was pretty adamant about it.  But times have changed, and I have grown since then.

I have learned a lot from career counselor and friend Miriam Salpeter about using Twitter to keep up with news in my field and to share that information with interested parties.  She was pretty adamant when she told me, “You’re a writer!  Twitter is an ideal tool for a writer.”  One useful exercise is finding a way to encapsulate my 300-word essays into 140-character messages.  Perhaps, over time, tweeting will make me a better writer.

This past week, I have been devouring Miriam’s new book, Social Networking for Career Success, especially the chapters about Twitter.  And I have been tweeting, a little.

Here are chirps from my week on Twitter:

  • I found and posted an inspirational essay that expressed much of what I was feeling about the death of Osama bin Laden.
  • I shared links to the Atlanta Jewish Times and the Jewish Writing Project, which published articles that I wrote.
  • I enabled my account settings to automatically tweet a link to this blog post. It will be featured on my website’s front page banner next to an icon of a blue bird.  I admit that it’s a little campy; still, I can’t help but smile when I log on and see my little Jaybird perched there.

Lesson of the week in just 84 characters: Social Media Tools—like all tools—can make a job easier when they are used properly.


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Pamela – I’m thrilled you’ve turned over a new…feather? I’m so enthusiastic about Twitter and what it offers job seekers, entrepreneurs, writers…the list goes on. I’m glad you’re starting to try it out!

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