The Weber School

weber logoIn the spring of 2008, I announced to my students at The Weber School that I was taking a sabbatical to complete the manuscript of Found in Translation: Common Words of Uncommon Wisdom and to be more available to my family. I planned to spend a year replenishing my spirit and reorienting my rabbinate to focus on adult education and interfaith connections.

This seven-year sabbatical is now coming to an end. I’m thrilled to be returning to the classroom—the same classroom I used to share with Chaya Lieberman—to teach 9th grade. I’ve missed being in school, missed my students and my colleagues. Walking through the front door earlier this week, I felt like I was coming home.

There is much to tell—I’ll write more about my back-to-school experiences in the months ahead—and even more to do: decorating the classroom, coordinating the curriculum and assessments with Chaya, taking a photo for my new ID badge. These three weeks before students arrive are filled with tasks, and I’m breathless with anticipation.

Thanks to everyone for the congratulatory wishes, especially Aunt Cynthia, who encouraged me to get something new to wear on the first day of school. Mission accomplished.


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