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Today is a day of triple celebration! Not only is it the eve of two holidays—Hanukkah and Thanksgiving—it’s also the final day of the Loyola Press Blog Tour celebrating the publication of Kyle Cupp’s Living by Faith, Dwelling in Doubt: A Story of Belief, Uncertainty, and Boundless Love. I’m sharing in today’s festivities with a book giveaway.

cupp book jacketCupp has filled this slim volume with two interwoven stories. One is the story of how he and his wife dealt with the birth and death of their daughter Vivian, who was diagnosed prenatally with anencephaly, a neural-tube defect that caused her death within hours of her birth. The other is his life story: a story of found, lost and regained faith.

Although Cupp writes from within the context of Catholicism, I found that many statements about his beliefs mirror my own. He writes, “I believe that anyone who has truly loved another has shown and seen the face of God.” Cupp’s faith is grounded in a deep and abiding love for his family and for God. “It helps me to remember that my religion is a means to an end: loving communion with God and neighbor.”

This book is both a treatise of personal faith and a tribute to the eternal nature of love.

Cupp’s descriptions of preparing for the birth, baptism and burial of his daughter were especially heart-rending, as he shares his story with emotional honesty. While I am grateful that I cannot imagine the pain of burying a child, I am reminded and inspired by his words to have empathy with those who have suffered this unimaginable loss.

Our generation has been accused of being self-indulgent and of oversharing, particularly on social media. But, for me, there is inherent value in sharing one’s story, to help others glimpse a new perspective of life.  Cupp encapsulates this sentiment early in his book: “Your unique place means that you will see the sun and what’s under it from a different perspective than others.” Only he can tell his story; only he can understand his experience from within it.  Yet, when I read Cupp’s words, both his and my experiences are illuminated, and I feel that I understand life in a new light.

Perhaps this is what Cupp means by showing another and seeing in another the face of God.


What aspect of Cupp’s book most intrigues you?

Leave a comment below and you might be the lucky winner to receive a free copy of Living by Faith, Dwelling in Doubt.

Winner of the Thanksgiving Giveaway will be randomly selected and announced on Tuesday, December 3rd.



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Thank you for sharing this the wonderful news about the God we all worship.

This book sounds really exciting. I hope to win but I also wish best of luck to all who enter.

Faith and Doubt: always intertwined and always offering opportunities to dive more deeply. Aren’t we blessed to have inspiring authors like Rabbi Gottfried and Kyle Cupp to guide us!

Thanks to everyone who commented! I hope to keep the conversation going about Kyle’s book, and promise to announce a winner of the giveaway on Tuesday. Now I’m logging off to light Hanukkah candles and eat latkes! PJG

I hope I get the chance to read this book and discover for myself the meaning behind the title.

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