My October post at Tiferet is a reflection on Genesis 2:18 that I wrote in honor of the better half of my team, who happens to be celebrating a birthday this week:

“It is not good for the man to be alone; I will make a helper corresponding to him.”      (Genesis 2:18)

Scale_of_justice_2.svgThere is a story in our family repertoire about our younger daughter, who told her preschool teacher about our family’s preparation for Sabbath dinners: “My dad is the cook and my mom is the baker. They have good teamwork.”

In addition to being adorable, our budding feminist was sharing one of the values that we had tried to instill in all three children: the need for equality within marriage. We have a pretty egalitarian partnership, and…Read more →


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Thanks for the early birthday present. What are you baking this Shabbat?

Funny, Science Guy. I could tell you, but it’s privileged information. 😉

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