I know where I’m going

One week from tomorrow, I will meet my friends from the Atlanta interfaith community and we will march together from the Center for Civil & Human Rights to the Georgia State Capitol, where I’ve stood with many of these friends–in all kinds of weather–at protests and celebrations. There are so many ways I am grateful to have found this beautiful and compassionate group, this family in my adopted city. There is no place I’d rather stand and no people with whom I would rather walk.

Look for these boots to find me and my group at the Atlanta March for Social Justice & Women:

Peace Boots: I find them in a consignment shop. I know instantly that I will convert these combat boots into peace boots. I begin by painting the metal spikes to reflect God’s sign of the covenant with all living creatures. Read more at the Rabbis Without Borders blog→

For inspiration: 


Celebrating Pride

header-rabbis-640x97I’m blogging over at Rabbis Without Borders on the My Jewish Learning website this week:

God Appears in Atlanta: While I pray for all of my children–for their health and happiness, and their safety in an uncertain world–I found myself unable to pray for anything in the days following the Orlando attack. I found solace only in the recitation of psalms, in Read more →



When the Planets Aligned

According to my cursory Google search, the last time five planets aligned was in February.

According to my life experience, the planets were perfectly aligned yesterday.


I was rushing from place to place when I became lightheaded. Realizing I hadn’t eaten a proper meal all day and knowing I could make it to my next appointment with five minutes to spare, I stopped at Whole Foods for coffee and a muffin. Let me be clear about something: I hardly ever go into Whole Foods. I can’t remember the last time I was there, but I’m certain it was more than six months ago.

I was looking down at my wallet on the counter to see if I had enough cash when I heard a familiar voice say, “I’ll call you back. I have to hug a friend.” I looked up just in time to throw my arms wide to receive Natali’s greeting.  A few days ago we were Facebook messaging back and forth, lamenting that we hadn’t seen each other since May and wouldn’t see each other before mid-September.

This would be unremarkable, a mere coincidence, if three hours later I hadn’t run into another person just moments after mentioning their name in an even more unlikely place.

Two hours after the second incident, a person I’d met only once before–who was sitting a few feet away from me– looked up and told me she’d suddenly realized my sister-in-law had mentioned me to her earlier in the summer, shortly after we’d first met. She pulled out her phone to show me a picture from when they were together.

I stayed up late into the night, into the early hours of this morning, pondering what Force in the universe brought these three people into my life yesterday.

Do you think God intervenes in the personal lives of humans?

Is it fate?

At dawn, I still don’t know what to believe.