Summer Reading Roundup (Part 1)


Ever the optimist, I amass a large stack of summer reading material on my bedside table at camp.  Much of it sits unread; the long workdays and crisp mountain air conspire against me as I drift off to sleep after the first page or two every night.  This year I brought some magazines along, hoping that they would prove to be more manageable than novels, and I was not disappointed.

In the first week of the session, I began and finished the latest edition of Psychology Today. You will notice that I am slightly outdated, since it hit the newsstands in early May.  Nevertheless, I have included the link and urge you to pick up a copy soon, because I believe that it will soon be replaced by the July issue. Three articles really caught my attention.  Whether you missed them or read them early last month, you will find them worthy of a closer read.

1. The feature titled “Wee Wisdom” is just a teaser of quotations from the magazine’s bloggers. My favorite among them is from Nando Pelusi, about learning to play:  “Children can get absorbed in a task without needing to categorize what they’re doing. Resisting judgment and categorization is a skill we could all reclaim. For example, ‘wasting time’ gets a bad rap, but I’ve learned important things about life and myself while playing.” I couldn’t agree more: adults could learn a lot from the way that children engage in imaginative play.

2. “How to Be Modest” by Mark D. White was my favorite of the shorter articles. You can read his earlier blog post about the topic, but the article in this issue was an even better read.

3. I found myself most captivated by Bruce Grierson’s piece about genetic screening, “To Know or Not to Know.”  I believe it deserved to be the cover article—he presented the topic in depth and with sensitivity.  I intend to reread it as I prepare my sermons for the High Holidays.

I hope that you are enjoying your summer reading and welcome your thoughts about mine.  Just click on the title of this post and leave a comment!


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What a beautiful blog…just read the three recent posts. Thanks PJ!! About summer reading, over July 4th weekend, driving to and from Boston I read Philip Roth’s Nemesis and Albert Brook’s 2030. One thinking about the past and questioning suffering and faith and one about the future with a comical and challenging take. I recommend both! Also, just finished the Ken Auletta’s piece in the New Yorker on Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook called “A Woman’s Place.” I highly recommend it:

Thanks, Francine, for your comment and the recommended reading! I am curious: Are you following my blog using RSS feed, FB or Twitter? It is wonderful to know that you (along w/ my mother) are reading my posts. I also LOVED Nemesis– I read it all one Shabbat afternoon. Haven’t gotten to Albert Brook’s 2030 yet. Gary Shteyngart just made it to the top of my pile. Hope to see you in person, as well as in cyberspace.

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