Step Back!

I wouldn’t say that I am a fan of animal adventure stories.  But, through my son’s recent obsession, I have become acquainted with the Warriors series. For a while I despaired of his ever reading a book of another genre.

Then he told me about the two maps.

“I finally got it,” he said. “One map is a regular map of the land. The other is drawn from the cats’ perspective. I never thought about how the land looked different to the cats.”

Suddenly I was delighted that he was so engrossed in this book.

What a brilliant device Erin Hunter has employed in her storytelling!  By including a map drawn by her feline hero, she has taught my son a valuable lesson: everyone sees the world through his own lens.  That the world looks different to cats than it does to humans may be obvious, but only if we stop to think about it.  And, honestly, how often do we think about the ways in which the world looks different to another?

Stepping back—to take in the big picture—must be a conscious decision, because our natural instinct is to focus on our own small corner of the earth. I am grateful to Hunter’s cats for the reminder to seek an expansive world view.



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