Purim Dreams


Last week, when studying Torah with my son, I gave him an assignment to write his own midrash (story/interpretation) about Jacob’s dream. He did not intend it as Purim Torah; he’s just a natural comedian. After reading his story, I felt compelled to write my own piece. We conducted a writer’s workshop in my car—just the two of us—while his sisters attended a music lesson, and we traded critiques of our work.  We are pleased to present excerpts of our stories and we invite you to share your feedback with us!

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 “And he dreamed: Here was a ladder, set up on the earth, and its top reaching to the skies. And here were angels of God, going up and going down on it.”  (Genesis 28:12)

Shalom of Safed (1887-1980)

1. Jonah’s dream

The angels of God are climbing up one side of a double-faced ladder. When they reach the top, they hand God their passports and He lets them into heaven for a fee of $19.99 a week. “That doesn’t include tax or any purchases such as food, entertainment, or souvenirs from the gift shop,” He tells them, while examining the passports to make sure they’re not fake.

God then explains that He accepts cash and credit, but only Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. “American Express charges ridiculous fees,” He says. If they decide to pay with credit, He asks for a second form of I.D. “Enjoy your stay,” God calls to them over His shoulder.

When the angels want to come back to earth, they ask God’s permission and He stamps their passports. As they exit down the other side of the ladder, He says to them: “When you collect 5 stamps on your passport, you’ll get a $50 gift card that can be used at restaurants, or for tickets to the soccer matches and circus performances.”

2. Ima’s dream

The angels of God are climbing up and down the ladder on the same side, because they are like ghosts who can pass through one another.  But Uriel keeps stumbling and triggering the ladder’s emergency lights. Jacob would not have seen the angels on the ladder if not for Uriel’s clumsiness.  With the lights on, however, Jacob was able to perceive God in ways that no other human could. You see, angels are usually powered by electromagnetic radiation and go undetected by the human eye.  We can only feel their presence in the world, because they warm us with their heat without shedding light.

Some people believe that Jacob was born with infrared vision, along with other superpowers which allowed him to supplant his older brother Esau and inherit the patriarchy.  My dream revealed that Uriel gave Jacob a leg up in the competition. I’m not saying that Jacob was intentionally deceitful and cheated his brother…I don’t need to say that because the Torah says it for me. I’m just saying that the klutzy angel Uriel gave Jacob a clear advantage.

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Jonah is an aspiring author, who has submitted numerous short stories & personal narratives to his elementary school teachers. This is his first blog post.


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Jonah’s interpretation is certainly more modern, but I enjoyed reading both of them.

Yes it is! What an imagination that kid has!

Wow! What a timely read for me! Jonah seems to be describing my trip through the airport! Ima, I think you are describing the beautiful synchronicities of everyday life.

Thanks, Reb Laura! Sounds like your airport is surreal. We’ll be working on Joseph’s dreams soon, and we’ll keep you posted.

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