Planning Ahead


I have recently become completely submerged in plans for my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah celebration. I am pretty sure that I’m driving her crazy, and the rest of my family along with her, because they audibly groan every time I mention these plans at the dinner table. Somehow, it seems to me, the topic always winds its way back to the Bat Mitzvah. Did I mention that it’s still more than three months away? I admit to having poked fun at my mother-in-law who was similarly obsessed with planning her recent “milestone birthday and anniversary” party. I guess I will have to apologize to her, now that I finally understand the compulsion to plan.

It’s not about having every last detail organized, and it’s not about controlling every aspect of the weekend, despite what others may assume. It’s really about savoring the sensation of having something joyous to plan. When there is a happy occasion on your calendar, when you having something to look forward to in the (relatively) near future, the drudgery of daily work seems bearable. My here and now is already pretty fabulous, and I make a point of telling my kids to enjoy the present. But thinking about December, imagining how wonderful it will be, is slightly more fabulous. I am deeply grateful for the planning itself, which entices my mind to such fanciful journeys into the future.

No less than three generous and lively people I know were recently diagnosed with grave illnesses. These sobering reminders of the importance of living for today also goad me to live for tomorrow. If I plan to celebrate in December, and I plan for these brave friends to celebrate with me, maybe I can tweak God’s conscience into ensuring that together we will reach that happy occasion.



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מענטש טראַכט, גאָט לאַכט.
Mentsch tracht, Gott lacht.
Man plans, God laughs.

Hope your daughter has a wonderful bat mitzvah!!!

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