Patience is a Virtue


jenna library_lions_patienceThis is Patience.

She is one of the lions assigned to guard the New York Public Library.

Although I consider myself a true New Yorker, until last year I didn’t know the lions had names. I researched this matter after noticing that one of the lions bore a striking resemblance to another animal in my life.

Don’t worry: This is not a sentimental dog-lover’s post about an aging pet, who sits for hours on the front porch or concrete floor of the garage; who, with a torn ligament in one knee, arthritis in both and atrophied muscles surrounding her hips, allows her body to stiffen as she sits, in silence, still as a statue.

This is Jenna. She is the breathing embodiment of Patience.

jenna lion

This is my observation: I am not like Patience. I am not like Jenna.

Perhaps I need to learn to be more like these two regal animals. Perhaps I can attune my body and spirit to emulate them, cultivating a patience that I do not yet feel within my soul.

This is my question: Is patience a virtue that is bestowed upon us by Nature, or can still silence be nurtured?


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Pamela. I could never sustain the patience and stillness for as long as some dogs do. And yet what I have found is that inu coaching as I shift into a space of focused curiosity and listening I also am more patient and still.

Pearl, I have also found that in my place of stillness–the art studio or anywhere quiet with my writer’s notebook–I am able to sustain focus and patience. Okay, that’s an overstatement, because I am impatient to open the kiln when it is cooling, just to get a peek at the finished product. I guess finding one’s patience is a life-long process.

Your dog is so sweet!

I think, on some level, patience can be learned. My own boys — like most small kids — are so impatient (when will we be there? when will you be done with dinner? when can we go outside and play?). Kids are such in-the-moment creatures, which is both a blessing and a challenge. One good part of growing out of that in-the-moment childhood phrase is being able to take the long view. I’m way more patient now than I was as a child, which is good. (Though probably not as patient as I want to be.)

Sorry if this is rambly! — just a few thoughts that occurred to me over coffee. 🙂

She is beautiful.

Thanks, Ginny & Rich for comments! She is sweet and spends much of her day sitting still because she is so old. I suppose I could have written about the lessons I’ve learned from my dog about aging gracefully. Of course, I’m not convinced that I’ve learned those lessons yet!

I find that patience is situational; sometimes it is easy, sometimes it is not.

That’s true…it may be geographically specific, too. I think I was much more impatient when I lived in NYC. ;-0

I think that some people are born with a pre-disposition to be more patient, but that with strategies anybody can increase their patience.

Schwoty, I agree, and I wonder which are you. You strike me as born patient…

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