Out of the Fire

Summer vacation is officially over. All three kids are back at school. Writing deadlines and meetings crowd the calendar. The High Holidays are right around the corner.

I picked up the last of my pieces from the kiln this week and went back to work at my desk.

On Monday, I received an Educator Update from my Rabbis Without Borders colleague, Rabbi Ben Greenberg. He has just launched a new project called, which will soon be THE source for high quality interactive online Jewish learning taught by educators and rabbis from all backgrounds and approaches to Judaism. Classes will begin later in the fall, but you can visit the website now to meet the teachers.

On Tuesday, my inaugural post at the Rabbis Without Borders blog at MyJewishLearning went live. We have an excellent line-up of writers this season; I encourage you to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, etc. If you missed it, read the opening paragraph and link to it below:

Emerging from Hiding:  There’s a reason you haven’t seen me online much this summer. I went underground to avoid the graphic images of children suffering in Israel and Gaza, Iraq and Syria; to escape the vitriolic language of my friends’ Facebook updates; to disconnect from bullying demands that I demonstrate loyalty to my ally and condemn the enemy. Unable to find peace, I chose to disengage from the violence in the world upstairs and Read more →

Yesterday, I began to wonder when I’d return to the ceramics studio. I’m ready to jump out of the frying pan and get back to the fire. The empty kiln awaits.

havdalah set 1

Havdalah Set – 3 pieces in LF Mocha clay, glazed in MSS Blue and The Blues (sold)

havdalah set 2

Havdalah set – 3 pieces in LF Mocha clay, glazed in primary colors (for sale)



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