Old Friends


One of the highlights of my summer, so far, was meeting Kathy for lunch.

I first met Kathy nearly 30 years ago when we began our studies at Haverford College. I was going to fudge the numbers or pretend that I couldn’t subtract, but after seeing her yesterday I’ve decided to be honest. That number, which represents a long-term friendship, is something worth celebrating.

Although we live in bordering states, we do not get to see each other often enough. Last time we saw each other, she came to a book-signing not too far from her home. This time, she drove 2 hours in the rain up a windy mountain road to meet me on my day off from my job at a summer camp. Kathy is no fair-weather friend.

She asked a man standing nearby in a coffee shop to take our picture. I assigned her the task of finding, scanning and posting a picture of us from our college days. I contend that this latest photograph will show how much we have improved with age.

We are not yet old friends like in the song. But I can imagine a time when we will be.


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30 years of friendship is WELL worth celebrating! What a gift to have shared so much of your lives. I’ve always loved the S&G song, too.

Thanks, Ginny! We did spend a short while reminiscing about the indiscretions of our youth…but I can’t blog about that part!

Lunch this week has been THE highlight of my summer!! Although the road was long, winding and ponding in spots on the way down the mountain, the trip was well worth the effort!! Maintaining face to face, hug to hug contact in this digital world of ours is so important, I believe, to sustaining our human spirits!

Yes, face-to-face & many hugs can never be replaced by FB status updates. Too little time to catch up, so we’ll do it again soon!

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