Now More than Before

Last Sunday at this time I was driving home from a powerful art exhibit at the Roswell Community Masjid. It was cold and rainy, and I was exhausted from a long week. But I wouldn’t have missed it, because the exhibit was conceived, curated and displayed by my friends with the express purpose to goal “to increase public knowledge and to promote understanding of the Muslim community through art.”

Tuesday I wrote about my experience on the Rabbis Without Borders blog at

Friday I heard part of a news broadcast about a suicide bombing in Beirut. I was leaving town for 2 days in the mountains where I would be disconnected and unplugged. Still, on Friday night and Saturday, a few people who heard the news told me of the attacks in Paris. When I asked if there was a connection to the attack in Beirut, no one had heard about that incident.

Today, as I scroll through my newsfeed on Facebook, I’m struck by the number of posts by friends that mention only the Paris attacks. Some friends from the interfaith community, those who work for social justice and attempt to build bridges of peace between disparate groups, note the dearth of news coverage of terrorism outside western Europe.

I understand why Paris hits closer to home for some citizens of the United States. But now, when people all over the world are dying at the hands of other people, I pray for all of us to find peace.

Now, more than before, we need to reach toward our neighbors who seem different and embrace them. We need to work together.

RCM Inflections

My friend Khadeejah at Inflections, Islamic Arts Exhibit



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