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flying onion 1 webMany of you will recognize the name of this website. If you’ve ever studied with me, in any synagogue or JCC class, chances are that you’ve heard me recommend as a fabulous resource for additional information about whatever topic we were studying.  In addition, hosts numerous blogs, including one written by alumni of Clal’s Rabbis Without Borders.

I was honored to be included in a recent conversation, initiated by Rabbi Rebecca Sirbu, Director of Rabbis Without Borders.  She wrote a post titled “Why Rabbis Should Talk About Israel,” to which our colleague Rabbi Ben Greenberg responded in a post titled “Why Rabbis Shouldn’t Talk About Israel.

I decided to take another approach and to write about why I personally do not talk about Israel.  This is not a blanket rule, nor is Israel a taboo topic for me. But, at least for the moment, I have chosen to talk about other things.  I am grateful for the suggested revisions by MyJewishLearning’s editor and delighted that they posted my piece, titled “Why This Rabbi Does Not Talk About Israel.”

Here’s an excerpt:

Israel is a topic that gets people’s blood pumping and, when emotions run high, impulsivity tends to override thoughtful and rational conversation. We sometimes allow ourselves to say things we later regret. As a rabbi who works primarily with adolescents, I strive to nurture the open-minded exploration of questions about Judaism…read more here

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