Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Often, when we look into the mirror, we see what we want to see.

I see someone who is iScarf and Mirrorn control of the things in her life that can be controlled. I see someone who is striving to be at peace with the things in her life that cannot be controlled.  I see smile lines and tired eyes, and I accept both aspects of my reflection.

Still, I am aware of the choices I make. Looking into the mirror, I project the visage that I wish to see.

That’s why the truth about ourselves is revealed by looking into the eyes of a friend. The kind of friend who will reflect what she sees in your face and share her vision with you.

I am fortunate to have such friends.

Although I haven’t been able to see these friends in person and to look into their eyes for some time, they are able to feel what is in my heart by reading the words that I’ve written. They are able to imagine my authentic appearance by looking at the pictures that I’ve shared on social media sites.

Opening line of a Facebook message that I received yesterday:

“I just looked over your recent posts and a whole lot of them seem to be about (im)balance, worry, and stress.”

The paragraph continues with offers to help restore balance in my life.

Last line of an email message that I received yesterday:

“Please breathe.”

These two words follow an offer to help run errands and complete tasks that are sapping my energy.

When I connect with friends, I’m shown a reflection of my “self” that I’ve projected through cyberspace but failed to examine. How grateful I am for friends who remind me to search my face more carefully until I see into my soul.

Today, when I look into the mirror, I see who I am and who I want to be.


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