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Like many of you reading this blog, I visit dozens of websites looking for interesting news articles, discussion forums and fodder for my own writing.  There are only a few blogs, however, that I read regularly.  I am more of a blog stalker than a blog subscriber.

Why am I so picky about subscriptions? Like you, I try to limit the hours I spend sitting at the computer.  I try to preserve my middle-aged eyesight and allow my middle-aged memory to absorb the information that constitutes my daily Internet intake.

Recently I heard from an old friend that she was launching a new blog for “tennis parents.”  Her youngest child—the only one still at home—is a tennis ace, whom she home-schooled for a time in order to allow him opportunities to develop his skills and to participate in tournaments.  After reading just two posts, I subscribed to her blog via email and began following it religiously.

You may wonder why I am so interested in Lisa’s blog, since I do not have an athlete at home.  Like you, I have discovered that some blogs are worth reading for the life-lessons that transcend the particulars.  Parenting Aces is filled with insights that can be applied to many aspects of parenthood beyond the tennis court. In each post, Lisa shares her observations and expertise in a lighthearted, non-judgmental tone.  Never an advice column; always an honest, personal reflection.

Being a parent is the most challenging and rewarding of human experiences. We all need role-models and coaches.  I am grateful to have this parenting ace in my court.


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thank you so much for your kind words! this parent business is tough stuff – i’m glad you find my efforts at reconciling the ups-and-downs helpful. it takes a village, right?

Glad you are in my village! Hope the endorsement helps readers find your blog –keep writing & I’ll keep reading.

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