In The Waiting Place

My agenda here in The Waiting Place looks the same every day. Typically, it contains just four items: write, revise, submit, repeat.

I don’t write “drink coffee and eat Nutella directly from the jar” on my agenda.

I suppose I could include some instructions regarding the mug and spoon: soak, rinse, place gingerly in dishwasher, repeat.

I might add “drive carpool.” That would bring my total to ten items.

Overall, I’ve been fairly productive since late November, when I began writing my book proposal in earnest. I spent a solid six weeks writing, revising, submitting and repeating. In mid-January I received an email from a publisher who was interested in reading as much of the manuscript as I wished to send him.  Since then, I’ve spent an additional six weeks in The Waiting Place.

nutella clock

I follow my agenda religiously. Sometimes I substitute “take a brisk walk” for “drink coffee and eat Nutella directly from the jar.”

* * * * * * *

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