Forever Young


It has been quite a month of milestones for Bob Dylan, and for my children. My youngest moved up from Cub Scouts to Webelos, my middle child completed her middle year of middle school, and my eldest is halfway through high school. I could write volumes about their achievements, but they prefer that I refrain from oversharing.  Instead, I limit myself to reflections about what I am feeling in this moment, about how their growing up coincides with my growing older.

I am stymied by the swift passage of time.  Twenty years ago, standing on the threshold of adulthood—about to be married, not yet a middle-aged rabbi and mother of three—I could not have imagined the joy I would experience at seeing the work of my younger years finally paying off. Today I recall friends who are no longer with me on this journey, who are forever young in my mind’s eye and whose children were forced to grow up too soon.  I memorize and catalog the details of each milestone, so grateful for the privileges of middle-aged parenthood.

I can feel my heart beating as strongly as it did in its 20’s, singing the words of a wise rabbi:

“May your heart always be joyful,
And may your song always be sung.
May you stay forever young.”





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Instead of the granddaughter graduate, I am sending Forever Young to her mother who was born in the 60’s and is cetainly experiencing an emotional milestone with her oldest child on the way out the door.
Your website has become a fun place to visit.
Thanks from a big fan.

Thanks, Olive, for being a fan! I just knew that you would appreciate that book. I also suggested it to a friend who is attending a Pre-K graduation. It’s timeless.

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