Feeling Sheepish?


I was feeling rather sheepish about having missed a class, about having kept the students waiting and wondering for an hour.  Fairly certain that I put the wrong start date in my bossy phone’s calendar, I thought I’d post a public apology on my blog. Maybe include a picture of a sheep.  You know, swallow a small dose of self-deprecating humor to sweeten the bitter aftertaste of humiliation…

Googling images of sheep, I came across several fascinating articles about them; one headline stated that “sheep have a level of intelligenc4737304_black_and_white_sheep-600e that primates do not.”  I’d intended only to look at the photos of cute sheep, but became engrossed in an article that began:  “Sheep aren’t as stupid as previously thought, according to researchers. Never considered particularly intelligent, sheep are actually so smart they make ‘executive decisions’ and have long memories, remembering friends for two years.”

If this is true, my resemblance to ovines is ruined.

Perhaps I should turn, instead, to images of clowns.  Clowns are the saddest people at the circus, because everyone is laughing at them.  But I’m not sad. I’m just forgetful.

juggling momI guess I’m most like a juggler. I toss too many plates in the air above my head and try to keep them all spinning: blogging for three websites, revising the manuscript of my next book, volunteering at the NFCC food pantry, teaching my daughter to drive, scheduling work-related travel…

As I stand amid the rubble and read that list, I’m willing to forgive myself for the occasional lapse.




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I love this. I love that you can step away from this and so forgiving of your own missteps. Sometimes we forget that and can be our own harshest critics. Good for you!

Thanks! I guess this was my take-away from RWB, to be more forgiving. Of course, when I first realized I had a major stomach ache (STRESS!), but writing about it was cathartic.

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