Creepy Crawly Creatures


I love the outdoors. That’s why I prefer to walk around the neighborhood, in almost any weather, rather than join the local gym.

I love nature. That’s why I try to avoid stepping on bugs when I’m outdoors.

But my love of nature is not unconditional.20130619-080431.jpg

Creepy crawly creatures, which are part of nature, belong outdoors. When they occupy my indoor space, especially my bedroom at camp, I will do what I deem necessary to reclaim my territory.

I know that my spouse and children will read that last sentence and react with disbelief, because when I’m home I try to avoid this distasteful task. In fact, my younger daughter usually protects our home from six-legged and eight-legged invaders. But at camp I am alone in my room, and I must be brave.

I feel obligated to reiterate that I love nature when it stays outdoors.

There was a creepy crawly creature in my room last night. I saw it moving pretty quickly down the wall and sprang into action. I grabbed my sandal from next to the door and simultaneously turned on the overhead light.

Perhaps it would have been more prudent to slam the shoe against the wall and get a closer look at the bug after it was rendered motionless. I think that split second when I reached for light switch cost me a decent night’s sleep.

Nature came indoors in the form of a miniature scorpion, about an inch long, with a furry, dark-brown body and tiny pincers that would definitely leave a mark on my tender skin. I couldn’t count its legs, as they were moving too quickly. Just as I drew my arm back to swing, it arrived at the chair rail and lodged itself in the crack of the molding.

Turning the shoe toe-down, I tried to reach it. I slammed once. Twice. The bug stopped moving, but I knew I had missed. I turned the shoe heel-down and tried again to kill the invader. I realized that my attempts to rid my room of this creepy crawly creature were futile.

On my way to turn out the light, I glanced at the bug’s safe haven only to find it moving again; it crawled behind the mirror.

I prayed that it would continue its journey along the molding to the door.

Then I crawled into bed.


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If that had been me, I would have moved next door to sleep. You are one brave rabbi, Pamela!!

It was disconcerting, to say the least. It never occurred to me to go next door, though. Maybe my next door neighbors have a worse infestation…

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