Can you hear the beating of my heart?


Here’s a page from my “walking journal,” where I jot down things that occur to me when I manage to unchain myself from my desk:

I appreciate living in a place where I can safely walk the streets at most hours of the day and night. But there is a downside to having friendly neighbors, and I feel compelled to share it with you.

When I am power-walking up and down the hills of our neighborhood, listening to cardio-boosting music with one earbud and watching the sidewalk intently for obstacles in my path, I am in the zone…so, I have a request: Please don’t beep your car horn at me.

Why not? Three good reasons:
1) You will get my attention with the horn, but
2) I can’t see you behind your tinted windows. And
3) the horn usually scares the daylights out of me.

Although I generally regain my composure quickly and respond by smiling and waving, my heart stays in my throat. This is not so great for my workout.

Uh oh. I just reread this and it sounds like a complaint.

I don’t want to rewrite it completely. Instead, allow me to recommend a solution: Roll down your window and wave as you drive by me.

1) I still probably won’t recognize you, but
2) I will know that you are a friend, one who is intent on greeting me without startling me. And
3) my heart will beat happily in my chest as I raise my arm to wave.


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What a good thing for you to say…

In the interest of self-preservation…also, I really do like my neighbors, even though I don’t always recognize them!

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