Book Giveaway: The Fool Returns

Congratulations to Jan R. of Atlanta, GA! Jan won a copy of The Fool Returns in the Hanukkah Book Giveaway. Thanks to everyone who participated.

I could telthe fool returnsl you the story of how I met Tom Block—author whose eclectic body of work defies classification, playwright and visual artist—but I would rather tell you about his latest book and first novel, The Fool Returns. Like the story of how we met, this story winds its way across continents and collects an unusual cast of characters in its path. Bill, the book’s hero, travels through time, as well, in a quest to discover his family’s connection to a centuries-old mystery. Tom’s creativity bursts through on every page, in his detailed descriptions of people and places that Bill encounters as he approaches his final destination. You will want to follow Bill’s every step along the journey; that’s all I will tell you about the book, because I do not want to risk divulging any secrets.

Order additional copies of The Fool Returns (available from Amazon): it’s a great gift!


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