B’nai Horin – Children of Liberty

It has been said that no one was ever moved to change because of a pie chart or bar graph.

What can have a more powerful effect on us than facts and figures? Myths and legends, the stories that we tell about our lives, can inspire us to change.  A well-told story contains ideas about morality, justice and truth, translated from grand and abstract ideas into a compelling narrative.  Such stories have the power to move us.
These stories told through music have the power to redeem us.
Music awakens us, allows us to hear each other.  Ideas can be grand, facts can be weighty; yet words alone often fail.  Music, however, communicates deeper truths.
This brief video shares a story: A group of Israeli friends wanted to communicate their feelings to their Egyptian neighbors, so they got together and recorded a song they called “Children of Liberty.”  I have no doubt that they chose music as their mode of expression because they knew that the sounds of their instruments and their voices would cleanse the ears of their listeners, washing away political slogans and negotiations, hostilities and struggles.   Then their music could fill the hearts of their listeners and transform their souls.


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