Back to School

One great thing about going back to school is it presents an opportunity to return to routines, though I will allow that I’ve had only moderate success. My eating and sleeping habits may have deteriorated this past week. On the plus side, I’ve reaffirmed my commitment to writing weekly and, so far, I’m on a winning streak.

rwb_logo196Here’s an excerpt of my post at the Rabbis Without Borders blog on I hope you’ll read the full reflection and share your reaction in the comments section. Let’s see if we can keep the Conversational Torah going through Rosh HaShanah:

Reasonable Risks: I spent the summer thinking about how to discuss risk-taking with teenagers. While teens generally have a reputation for taking unreasonable risks, my experience in teaching them is that many are anxious or risk-averse in a classroom setting. I empathize with these students, because Read more →




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