American Guild of Judaic Art

AGJA member signage webThe American Guild of Judaic Art is a not-for-profit membership organization for those with interests in the Judaic arts.

Guild Members include artists, galleries, collectors & retailers of Judaica, writers, educators, appraisers, museum curators, conservators, lecturers, and others personally or professionally involved in the field.

Being a Member: I joined the American Guild of Judaic Art (AGJA) in January 2014 at the recommendation of my friend and local artist Flora Rosefsky, who first recognized the workshops that I teach as a unique contribution to Jewish Arts & Education. Flora, currently serving on the AGJA Board of Directors, insisted that it’s important both for AGJA to have rabbi-artists as members and for me as a rabbi-artist to be connected to other Jewish artists.  My association with AGJA has not only helped me increase my confidence and expand my circle of artist-colleagues, but also gave me opportunities to help AGJA grow as an organization. I am currently serving as an administrator of the guild’s Facebook page and tweeting for the guild as @AGJArt. Wouldn’t it be great to see us trending on Twitter?!

Essay cbronfman haggadahontest: In celebration of Jewish Art Month, the AGJA invited Jewish artists to submit essays about what inspires them to create Judaic art. I was honored to share first prize with fellow AGJA member Karla Gudeon and delighted to receive a copy of The Bronfman Haggadah as a prize. AGJA also shared our essays on their website; please take a moment to read them:

Karla’s essay: “As a child my parents asked me not to draw or color on the High Holidays. I was told that holding a writing instrument was considered work and work was not allowed. These holidays were days for rest & reflection. This rule confused me, for as long as I could remember….” Read more →

My essay: “You have to feel it in your kishkes!” This was a kind of mantra from my childhood, a parental encouragement to try something new, to be deeply committed to goals and to work hard to accomplish them. If you want to succeed at something, you must be passionate about it and about your success. Read more →



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