Showing Up and Shlepping Boxes

rwb_logo196I’m at the Rabbis Without Borders blog this week, sharing some things I’ve learned from friends and colleagues I meet at political protests and rallies. I hope you’ll visit and leave me your comments at the website.  Here are a few lines to whet your appetite:

Showing Up: I remember asking, just before the photographer took the picture, “Should we smile, or look serious?” My rabbi quipped, “I only have one facial expression in photos.” I remember thinking, just after the photographer took the picture, “I’ll have to check Facebook when I get home to see if it’s the same as mine.” And when I did, Read more →

Shlepping Boxes: These are some pictures taken yesterday morning at the Capitol, where we delivered 75,000 letters from Georgia citizens opposing HB 757, the so-called First Amendment Defense Act, to Governor Deal. You can see more on Facebook, especially at the Georgia Equality and Georgia Unites Against Discrimination pages.

at the capitol press conferenceat the capitol boxes deliveryat the capitol boxes in officeat the capitol boxes in office 2