This Week in Poetry & Song

I’m rwb_logo196at the Rabbis Without Borders blog this week, sharing some of my students’ wisdom with the world. At the end of first semester, students wrote poems of tribute and eulogy to a family member who influenced their lives. Visit the blog to read my reflection about what I’ve learned from my students at The Weber School, as well as read Isabel’s poem about her great-grandfather and watch her slide show, which includes beautiful photos and documents related to his immigration. You’ll also find links there to the Jewish Writing Project, where Ruthie’s poem about her grandmother was published on Monday. Finally, you may view videos created by Danielle, David and Jack below.

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~Danielle B

~David M

An introduction to Jack’s video:

On the first day of school, when I shared my goal of studying Torah with my students in order to help them find wisdom in its pages that would help them flourish as human beings and 21st century Jews, Jack told me he was an atheist. I think he was surprised when I validated his point of view and challenged him to search for wisdom in the stories nonetheless. Throughout first semester Jack shared his views with an unusual mixture of critical thinking and good humor, but never got especially excited about writing assignments. When I announced the final project would be a multimedia presentation of their poems, Jack expressed delight. He brought all of his passion for music and making videos to this project. His creativity and generosity evident in this work–he included every student and the teacher who shares our classroom in the credits–inspire me. Watching his video, I cried while laughing and thinking about what a privilege it is to teach and learn from my students.

~Jack T