M as in…Mastermind


Meet Miriam.miriam2

Miriam is more than my friend and teacher.

She is my Social Media Mastermind.

In 2009, I explained to her why I wouldn’t join Twitter. She listened patiently.

By 2010, she had not merely convinced me to tweet. Through offering expert advice and lucid explanations, Miriam had transformed my online presence and enhanced my professional life. If you’ve ever complimented me on my Social Media savvy then you’ve already heard me sing her praises, and I’ve probably sent you a link to her first book.

So, why am I telling you again? Because now YOU can meet Miriam!

You can benefit from Miriam’s experience, as well as have access to her personal advice, through her latest project: 6 Steps to Social Media Success for Small Business Owners.  If you register now, you will receive two 75-minute, interactive online webinars, access to a private Facebook group for one month (in which Miriam will answer your specific questions) and a free copy of her third book, Social Networking for Business Success, co-authored with Hannah Morgan.*

You have questions about Social Media. You’ve joined networks and you know that online tools are important to your work or job search. You’re not sure how to get started or you need help learning how to use these tools efficiently.

Wouldn’t you like an expert at your side as you improve your online presence?

I wouldn’t have made such progress without help from a Mastermind.

Want my advice?

Meet Miriam.

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* This book will be published in July. Miriam’s first two books are available here.

You can read about my refusal to tweet here & subsequent retraction here.

I am delighted to introduce you to Miriam and to offer 6 Steps to Social Media Success for Small Business Owners to my friends, as an affiliate of Keppie Careers and as a truly satisfied student.

6 Steps to Social Media Success for Small Business Owners comes with 100% money-back guarantee.


Patience is a Virtue


jenna library_lions_patienceThis is Patience.

She is one of the lions assigned to guard the New York Public Library.

Although I consider myself a true New Yorker, until last year I didn’t know the lions had names. I researched this matter after noticing that one of the lions bore a striking resemblance to another animal in my life.

Don’t worry: This is not a sentimental dog-lover’s post about an aging pet, who sits for hours on the front porch or concrete floor of the garage; who, with a torn ligament in one knee, arthritis in both and atrophied muscles surrounding her hips, allows her body to stiffen as she sits, in silence, still as a statue.

This is Jenna. She is the breathing embodiment of Patience.

jenna lion

This is my observation: I am not like Patience. I am not like Jenna.

Perhaps I need to learn to be more like these two regal animals. Perhaps I can attune my body and spirit to emulate them, cultivating a patience that I do not yet feel within my soul.

This is my question: Is patience a virtue that is bestowed upon us by Nature, or can still silence be nurtured?


Rainy Week in Georgia


New_UmbrellaDid you know that rain is considered a sign of mazel (luck) in Judaism? I learned this from my Dad, who learned it from his Eastern European immigrant parents.

So, it’s been kind of rainy in Georgia all week, and—true to folk religion—the rain brought me good fortune in the form of several new projects.  I’ll share my top three news items, since three is also lucky:

1. Building Bridges with Women of Faith: I had the opportunity to meet with some of the founding members of the Neshama Interfaith Center. It was like reuniting with old friends. I’m looking forward to teaching Torah and facilitating art workshops for them in fall 2013. Stay tuned for more information.

2. Connecting Catholic & Jewish Mothers in Cyberspace: I was honored and delighted to participate in Ginny Kubitz Moyer’s Blog Tour for her new book, Random Moments of Grace.  Here is the link to the review I posted on Tuesday.  Ginny is a gifted writer and a lovely person. Be sure to follow Ginny’s blog, Random Acts of Momness.

3. Directing Fall Retreat for Jewish Women at Ramah Darom: Who is ready for three days of relaxation and renewal in the gorgeous north Georgia mountains?! I’m delighted to be working with my “camp friends” to plan the 2013 Jewish Women’s Getaway! Early bird registration has already begun, and I expect to have the program book and tentative schedule on the website by the end of May.  Hope to see you there, October 20th – 22nd.