American Guild of Judaic Art New Vision. New Website. New Year. This new “virtual” home for the Guild was created by dedicated  members from all over the country with different talents and skills, who worked diligently to make the site easy to use, informative and—most importantly—the best venue to display AGJA members’ art.  I stand...

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Rabbis Without Borders Imagine the most diverse group of rabbis you can. Take a moment and summon a visual in your mind. Now compare it with this group: 22 men (some clean-shaven, others bearded) and women (one pregnant, another gray-haired); single and married; gay & straight; several recent graduates of seminaries and a few approaching...

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Pamela Jay Gottfried is a rabbi, parent, teacher, artist and author. An inveterate Scrabble player and New York Times Crossword Puzzle fanatic, she credits her love of words to her parents, who encouraged her to develop her vocabulary through reading and using the dictionary at an early age. Since her ordination from...

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New Look for a New Year: 5779

I’m pleased to announce that my website will be getting a complete makeover in the next month or so. Meanwhile, I wanted to share this post from the Rabbis Without Borders blog on

Looking for America:  My baby, who is now 16 years old, returned from summer camp earlier this week with a swollen wrist and an unbelievable story about how he suffered a severe sprain 12 days ago. Mostly it was unbelievable how stoic he was about the pain. We spend the afternoon first at the doctor’s office having it examined and then… Read more →




This week, while many of my fellow Rabbis Without Borders rabbis were enjoying the alumni retreat and I was feeling jealous because I just couldn’t get away to join them, I had the opportunity to reflect on a personal experience and write about it for the Rabbis Without Borders blog. So I guess we were together in spirit.

If you missed my post on Tuesday, please take a look and let me know what you think. You may leave comments here or at the RWB blog on

At This Point in Time: Last week, all around the country, people stayed awake late into the night and took to the streets. The U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development, in order to designate funds to cities that provide shelter and services to homeless people, requires a census be taken during the last week in January, on a week night after dark. This census is called the Point in Time Count. I participated in Read more →



I know where I’m going

One week from tomorrow, I will meet my friends from the Atlanta interfaith community and we will march together from the Center for Civil & Human Rights to the Georgia State Capitol, where I’ve stood with many of these friends–in all kinds of weather–at protests and celebrations. There are so many ways I am grateful to have found this beautiful and compassionate group, this family in my adopted city. There is no place I’d rather stand and no people with whom I would rather walk.

Look for these boots to find me and my group at the Atlanta March for Social Justice & Women:

Peace Boots: I find them in a consignment shop. I know instantly that I will convert these combat boots into peace boots. I begin by painting the metal spikes to reflect God’s sign of the covenant with all living creatures. Read more at the Rabbis Without Borders blog→

For inspiration: